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Pilot Saga

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Dear Reader
This is a work in progress. As I have noted in my normblog profile, it is a collaboration with my wifey, tristein (her web moniker), on what constitutes a semi-autobiographical novel — The Pilot's Saga, for which this post serves as an online Table of Contents.

Note that each published post in this online serialized novel constitutes a (tentatively) completed chapter, and every such chapter has a traversal linkage below my byline, { Chapter 3.2 « T•of•C » Index }, where the current chapter (or section) is a green inactive link (e.g., T•of•C), the next completed chapter is the active link on the right (e.g., Index), and the preceding completed chapter is the active link on the left (e.g., Chapter 3.2). A complete traversal begins and ends cyclically on the current page (in either direction). — TheBigHenry

 h/t Theo


Index: Principal Characters
Genealogy: The Pilot's Ancestors

Book One: Eurasia
Book Two: America
Book Three: World War III