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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

What does Bubba want?

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“Aw, schucks… I can’t figure out why I got into this…. Okay, I can. If that miserable Hawaiian Indonesian whatever-he-is got all the attention, I’d pop another bypass graft and end up with more stents than Dick Cheney. Whose party is this anyway…? The nerve of that guy acting like he runs the show. Thank God, Hillary’s in Vladivostok and I can sneak that masseuse up the service elevator. I can tell you one thing – I’ll treat her better than Al does. […] ”
— Roger L. Simon, September 5, 2012 (

One of the many things confusing me during this interminable Presidential campaign was why the hell was Bubba campaigning for Obama? The latter ruined Hillary's chances of becoming the first woman U.S. President, for Pete's sake! I know they all belong to the same Demo party and all, but WTF?

As the old cliche goes, nobody knows what women want (besides "more"), but there's no mystery about what Bubba wants. Bubba wants little Bubba to go potholing 24/7.

Well, there it is, as clear as daylight. Bubba wants to become the First Gentleman of these United States. Why? Come on; can there be a better way to line up primo p*ssy? OK, we all know Bubba is not too picky. Tall ones, short ones, fat ones, skinny ones; it don't matter much, as long as they have a pulse. But maybe he's acquired a more refined taste for expensive cigars and where to insert them.

Anyway, Bubba's campaigning for Obama must be connected with what he figures will give Hill a better shot in 2016. That would make him the first First Gentleman/Ass-man Extraordinaire, bless his licentious little heart.

Ladies, the line forms at the Lincoln Bedroom.

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