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Friday, July 4, 2014

“Never give in …”

…, except to convictions of honour and good sense.”
 — Winston Churchill

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“I haven’t said much lately about current political events — not because there isn’t plenty to comment on (the situation at our Mexican border being, perhaps, foremost at the moment), but because it’s all just so fatiguing. This in itself is worth commenting on, because I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling this way; it seems every day brings some brazen new affront, some new assault upon the traditional American nation, and after a time you begin to feel that you’ve said all you can say, and that for all the good it does you might as well be shouting up a drainpipe. It’s exhausting.”
— Malcolm Pollack, July 1, 2014 (

My dear readers,

On this July 4th it is not inappropriate to quote the great orator and foremost leader of his nation, Winston Churchill, who was granted Honorary Citizenship of the United States. He was the only Briton to ever be so honored.

One of my online friends has commented that my text posts have of late taken a backseat to photo posts, which I find to be most pleasing. I am, of course, well aware of this.

Just as my blogging friend, Malcolm Pollack, has admitted, I have also become exhausted by sparring with the interminable barrage of anti-American policy, rhetoric, and unmitigated chutzpa emanating from the so-called "progressive left". I am disgusted with this revolting and, alas, currently-governing segment of our polity.

But read my lips: I am not, I repeat "not", giving in. Those purveyors of hopey-dopey hold the reins of power for now. But I look forward to a new birth of freedom when sanity will rise above the idiocracy.

After some period of re-charging my batteries, I shall return to more text-posting.
Post 2,299 “Never give in …


  1. Henry, not you as well! So weary that you need a rest. You're not so old, and the world won't wait while you decide to re-engage, or not.

    Just put it out there, and take opposing views as grist to the mill, useful discussion. I don't understand how discouraging people find it, when they have to counter those who hold different views. The despair, the hand wringing, how can people be so stupid? People will never agree completely and in a world where we can still offer a view, we should. It's not that hard.


    1. Musey,

      I have granted myself a small sabbatical; then it will be once more unto the breach ...

      I appreciate your words of encouragement, however.


    2. "... the world won't wait while you decide to re-engage, or not."

      Musey, I am flattered you could imagine the world giving a damn what I think; I have no such illusions (delusions?). Moreover, it never fails to astonish me when someone actually comments on one of my text posts.

      When I do publish a thoughtful post, it is, mostly, to get off my chest something that's been niggling at me; this gives me a bit of respite to get on with my life (yes, I do have one beyond this blog). Again, thanks for your interest; it is appreciated.


  2. Henry, I'm an impatient soul, and I thought that you had not allowed my comment. I was slightly incensed. Whatever happened to free speech...blah, blah, and then it appeared, and what I said wasn't exactly groundbreaking anyway.

    I think that we should all stay engaged, and never, ever give up.

    I'm with Malcolm on that, probably on the other side, but that's what life is about.

    Musey, musey, totally confusey.

    1. Musey,

      Since we live on opposite sides of the globe there is a significant delay before I read some of your comments. Patience is good for the soul; they say it builds character (if you are into that sort of thing).


  3. Yes Henry, I am full of flaws. I have never been patient, and it seems silly to think that I will discover that virtue at this stage in my life.