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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Balloon Fiesta

Rule #2: Everybody loves a fun pic!

Image via Theo Spark

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  1. Henry, I've found you at last. What a delight. A few more words would be good. Just to get a sense of who you are. But this blog is yours and you will do your own thing.

    I assume that the photo is real, not the 'Life' bit, but it's you. Henry, you were a gorgeous boy. So sad looking, but then, that's part of it, the mystique.

    Best wishes,
    Your friend,(named by your good self).


    1. Thank you for that, Musey. The photo of me was taken when I was seven and it was used on my "Green Card" ID for immigration to America. That episode of my life is summarized in my post "Liberty" at the following link:

  2. Henry, that link did not work, but I spotted the title in the favourites section.

    It must have been a hellish journey, so I'm not surprised that you look serious. So glad you made it.



  3. Musey,

    That "link" is actually just a URL (an address for a hyperlink), which would have to be copied and pasted into your browser's search field to "work" as a link. But I'm glad you spotted the working link for that post in "My Favorite Posts" listing.

    Thank you for your interest in my journey to America. It was hellish, but it proved to be the most providential episode of my life.

    Best, Henry

  4. Musey, Musey, so Confusey, she says it twice. Pay attention girl. (Notice to self, obviously)