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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

When you're smiling ...

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“Based on the film's trailer and Stone's own statements, the film emphasizes that the public has it all wrong about the clowning Chavez being a threat to the West. It's merely an image problem he has, brought on by unjust demonization from George W. Bush. [...] If radical chic, which Tom Wolfe wrote of in the 1970s, was the self-destructive propensity of the privileged elites to sidle up to predators trying to kill them, what went on in Venice amounts to an intensified modern version of that very same decadence.”
— ‘By INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY | Posted Tuesday, September 08, 2009’

Shit-eating Grins for the Well Fed
Meanwhile, back in the real world, The Obama Lama is dismantling our defense capabilities as he attempts to hug and smile his way to the hearts and minds of those who eat his lunch.

h/t Theo
A Self-explanatory Smile

Post #925 When you're smiling ...

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