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Sunday, September 20, 2009

There's no mendacious cynicism here; move along ...

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ACORN chief organizer Bertha Lewis tries to calm a growing firestorm over the behavior of her group's employees.

Lewis initially took a defiant tone against the criticism of her organization when the tapes were first made public by filmmaker James O'Keefe. But that stance softened as more tapes were revealed -- so far detailing hidden-camera operations at five separate locations across the country.

"Any organization is not entirely perfect," Lewis said on "FOX News Sunday". "I was outraged by it. Everyone should be, and I can understand how the Congress was also."

She said any employee "too stupid" not to adhere to professional standards will be terminated.

"Internally, let's have some reform," Lewis said. "It's indefensible what I saw (in the tapes)".” [emphasis added]
— ‘; Sunday, September 20, 2009’

So, before anything else is said or done after a scandal is revealed in your organization, deny in the most indignant and defiant tone you can muster that there is the slightest possibility of truth in what has been revealed. Moreover, threaten to sue vigorously anyone and everyone who had the temerity to suggest that anything of the sort could possibly have occurred in the organization, which has such a stellar record of integrity.

Then, wait a bit to see if the elitist media pick up on the scandal. If even this craven lot can not avoid reporting the scandalous activity, despite their best efforts to ignore the obvious or spin it off the radar, then wait a bit more to see if the funding agency, that mendacious organization known as Congress tries to do anything about it.

Finally, when the shit hits the pocketbook, then, and only then, drop to your knees and mendaciously plead for mercy. After all, dignity and indignation play no role when real money is involved.

Law suits? What law suits? I was only kidding. We don't need no stinking law suits. We'll just get rid of a few bad apples, and then we can get back to the real business of securing the re-election of our dear leaders in the White House and in the Senate and in the House of Representatives.


Post #943 There's no mendacious cynicism here; move along ...

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