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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

You want cheap? I'll show you cheap …

America's tightest butt not necessarily cleanest hole exposed …

A roll of toilet paper attached to the wall of...
A roll of toilet paper attached to the wall of a bathroom. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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[This related source is recommended in its entirety.]

“A woman who saves money by not using toilet roll, takes thriftiness to a whole different level in an upcoming series of Extreme Cheapskates.
Setting herself a stringent budget, Kay, from New York, reveals how she uses a combination of soap and water to rinse herself off after visiting the bathroom.
While demonstrating her frugal cleansing ritual in front of the cameras, she states that she doesn't believe in buying 'something that you’re just going to throw away'.”
— By SADIE WHITELOCKS, 1 October 2012 (

Beware the video. It is revolting.
“I save money by not using toilet paper or doing laundry, says woman whose underwear I hope to never see.” — FARK

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