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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Planks, Tanks and Skanks

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The Donkey-party platform: class warfare; ass warfare; and miscellaneous donkey-shit …

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ORLANDO, Fla. – President Obama will introduce on Sunday a study that shows the Romney-Ryan plan to save Medicare will drastically increase costs for future recipients – again distancing himself from the dismal unemployment report released last week.”
— September 9, 2012 (

There's a war of worldviews going on. On the Left we have the Demonizingrats, attacking in the weeds of: "millionaires and billionaires" (i.e., those whose family annual incomes exceed $200K); government supplied condoms for women, who simply can't manage to hold an aspirin between their knees; "racism" (i.e., any and all criticism of the Demonizer-in-Chief); "Romney's taxes, blah, blah, blah"; and all kinds of other donkey-shit, except the things that matter most — the security of the United States; the economy; and  jobs. Confronting this Leftist cult of personality is that half of the electorate, which cares about  the security of the United States, the economy, and jobs.

If you could take a deep breath, and extricate yourself from the incessant barrage of misdirection attacks by Obama (the cult Personality-in-Chief), you can easily see the forest of his worldview: he's got nothing but mean-spirited misdirection to confuse his cult followers just long enough to get past his re-election, after which he won't give a shit whether or not they finally realize he never had anything but an insatiable thirst for self-aggrandizement.

Ask yourself this: do I really want to be on the side that slavishly claws at "free shit from the government", worships the ground Obama pretends to hover over, and mindlessly labels as racism any and all criticism of a bankrupt ideology? Or do I want to be part of a Herculean effort to reestablish the noble principles introduced by the Framers of our Constitution and re-introduced by Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican President and, arguably, the greatest of all American Presidents?

The choice, it seems clear to me, is not as difficult as rocket science or brain surgery.

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