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Monday, September 10, 2012

Presidential Campaign just like O. J. Trial

Football star/actor/accused murderer O.J. Simp...
Football star/actor/accused murderer O.J. Simpson, with his daughter, Sydney Brooke Simpson, at the Kahala Hilton Hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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“Today, in thinking about this critical presidential campaign; I suddenly thought about the similarity of the O. J. Simpson murder trial. There was a mountain of evidence to prove O. J. was guilty, but his celebrity personality, along with Johnny Cochran's drama swayed jurors and they ignored all the facts, the DNA and tons of evidence.

Surprisingly, there was a segment of people in Los Angeles and throughout the country, that while KNOWING in their heart-of hearts that he was guilty of viciously stabbing two people to death -- they simply did NOT care! They cheered when he got off, while the rest of the country wept and cried in shock, knowing justice had not prevailed. That trial divided the country in a way that had not been seen since the Martin Luther King days.

Now -- the same thing is happening in this presidential campaign. Democrats, like the jurors in the O. J. Simpson trial, know that Obama is destroying our country, but are swayed by his personality and refuse to accept the truth.

As in the O. J. case, that same segment of people across America, mostly African Americans and minorities, know that Obama is dividing the country and taking us down a path of destruction. He is cunning and persuaded millions of people to apply for food stamps and welfare checks making them dependent on the government. They know it is the wrong decision -- but simply don't care!

God forbid that the American people will have to look back after the 2012 election and say, "Obama just got away (again) with pulling the biggest hoax in American history -- just like O. J. Simpson and the "Dream Team."

May God remove the veil from the eyes of American people who are still deceived by this evil man. Mountains of evidence is available -- and this time, justice must prevail!”
— H/T Shelly, 10 SEPTEMBER 2012 (

I generally only provide a snippet of the "Related source" that serves as the basis of my commentary. But this post via Theo describes my own view so well that I have nothing further to add.

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