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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The children are grounded!

The negligent baby-sitter is fired! And adult supervision of the American People's House has been restored.

Fired Trash-Talker of American House
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“The voters have spoken, angrily, and Democrats will no longer control the House.”
— Jonathan Strong, 11/03/2010 (

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The first step back from the brink of National disaster was taken yesterday, when the MIA adults returned to take back control of the House and the charge cards from the sugar-induced hyperactive children and their pot-addled babysitter. Now the focus shifts to ridding the Nation of the Pied-Piper-in-Chief. Only then will a semblance of sanity be restored to the Nation, and by extension to the rest of the crazed world.

An important outcome of the decisive Republican takeover in the House of Representatives is the concomitant rationalization of the two-party system. In a very real sense the distinct character of both parties has been sharply brought into focus.

With the wholesale reduction of the so-called blue-dogs, the Democrat caucus is now de-facto restricted to: the no-account tax-and-spend fiscal truants; the wild-eyed social "engineers", who still believe in the tooth fairy and free lunch; and the socialist-minded other-people's-wealth re-distributors, whose delusion is that the Nation's wealth-creators will ignore the absence of incentive to pay for other people's expenses.

As Jennifer Rubin summed it up this morning, "Democrats carried blacks, city dwellers, young voters, uneducated and super-educated people, and the less well-off. That is enough to win in Chicago but not in the country as a whole."

The Republican party, however, will be the refuge for adults. Which is how our two-party system should have been normalized all along, thereby enabling everyone to vote not only their conscience (if they have one) but also their level of maturity.

Adults (Image via DBD)

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