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Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Greatest Partisan POTUS

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“The fact that he even held the conference was ridiculous, but he was asked some tough questions and fielded many of them well. Ultimately, however, he refused to budge on a number of key issues that will face the next Congress. […] That said, Obama did approach things like his failure to address the economy in a straightforward way. "I think that there is no doubt that people's number one concern is the economy. What they were expressing [last night] was great frustration about was that we have not made much progress on the economy. But people across America are not feeling that progress," said Obama. "They understand that I'm the President of the United States, and that my core responsibility is making sure that we've got an economy that's growing." Shortly after that, however, he defaulted into a blame-everyone mode.” [emphasis added]
— Jillian Bandes, 2010/11/03 (

"[P]eople across America … understand that I'm the President of the United States", President Obama said at his news conference. And there's the rub – the single most consequential person in America who does not understand this is President Obama himself. In The Obama's view, He is first and foremost President of The Obama Himself, and secondarily, the President of the Democrat Party of the United States of America. As far as He is concerned (not that very much actually concerns Him other than His gigantic ego) everyone who is not a registered Democrat can just STFU.

Case in point? Arguably, The Obama's most consequential "accomplishment" (if you'll pardon the expression) was what is derisively referred to as "Obamacare". He, together with His partisans in Congress (former Speaker Pelosi and her then-counterpart in the Senate, Reid) Rahm-ed Obamacare down the throats of the large majority of Americans. To what purpose? First and foremost so that The Obama Himself could prove that He was capable of something that His predecessor Democrat President Clinton was not. And secondarily, to deliver to His insatiable free-luncher Democrats the mother of all free-lunch abominations.

The President is the only officer in the entire Federal Government of the United States who represents and champions the interests of all Americans — in principle. Naturally, when campaigning for this single most consequential governmental position for every American, the candidate will try to appeal to the preferences of his party's base while trying to avoid alarming independent voters, in order to win the election or secure re-election.

But once in office, it is expected of him to act as President of the entire United States of America. This does not exclude all those Americans who are not registered in the President's political party.

Not so for The Obama Himself, however. That is why He will end up being remembered as the most divisive President in our history. He will also be remembered as The One who squandered the hopes of millions of Americans who believed Him to be The Won that would unite us all against our real enemies, whose continuing onslaught The Obama not only ignores, but even refuses to acknowledge.

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