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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Credit Where It's Due

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“A missile fired from an American warship in the Mediterranean hit the car in which Muhammad Jamal A-Namnam, 27, was driving in the heart of Gaza City Wednesday, Nov. 3 and killed him, DEBKAfile's exclusive counter-terror sources report. Namnam was an operational commander of the Army of Islam, Al-Qaeda's Palestinian cell in the Gaza Strip. He was on a mission on behalf of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula – AQAP to plan, organize and execute the next wave of terrorist attacks on US targets after last week's air package bomb plot. […] Hamas security sources in Gaza now suspect that Israel had its own reasons for permitting new cars to be imported to the Gaza Strip for the first time in two years, knowing that they would be commandeered for the personal use of the chiefs of armed organizations, including Namnam. They believe Israel planted tracking devices in those vehicles.”
— DEBKAfile Exclusive Report, November 4, 2010 (
So, who should be credited for this particular termination with extreme prejudice of a-Numnuts? For the record, this would be the first time my opinion coincided with one of The Obama's favorite mantras, though The Obama Himself uses the word "blame" instead of "credit" — credit President George W. Bush, with a nod to the Israelis,  America's allies (but The Obama's blame-worthy usual suspects).

Lest we forget, Obama and His supporters rejoice in blaming Bush for everything they disapprove of, including such methods of fighting terror that The Obama Himself has adopted, and even expanded. But rather than give credit, which He is ever loath to do, He prefers to give blame; it just suits His enormous ego and mean-spiritedness.

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