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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Vermeer in the Sky with APODs

Rule #3: Cosmological Art ["Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"]

APOD is 20 Years Old Today, Vermeer, et al., on APOD

Post 2,672 Vermeer in the Sky with APODs


  1. Did you ever see "Tim's Vermeer"? Utterly fascinating film, and it caused some controversy, as any good, thought-provoking movie will.

    1. I remember wanting to see it, but somehow I didn't get around to it. I'll have to add it to my Netflix queue.

  2. “Anything is possible, except certainty.” — TheBigHenry's Law of Possibility

    Noticed your reply Henry. LB had a post up the other day on which, I mere minutes ago left a comment which I here now post in reply to you. (LB's post - just so you might note the date)

    *Yeah I realize [LB] Henry, “Old News.”

    God this has been a helluva June. And, oddly enough (can I still even type “oddly”[?) August is regularly spoken of in the US as being the “hottest month” (I heard a couple of tweens saying “hottest” aloud so I suppose saying that is still allowable [of course that was last week) but actually, and only insofar as Arkansas’ experience is – at least in the county in which I personally reside within – September is the hottest month.

    I sure hope in a way Climate Change is actually real. For if September’s news is “odder and/or hotter” than this June’s has been, I simply do not know whether I can handle it.*


    1. JK,

      The real issue is not whether the weather (pun) is changing, but whether or not the cause (or lack thereof) is attributable to human activity.

      And Harry the T had the answer to your quandary: "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the freakin' kitchen." (I know, I know, the Pres didn't say "freakin'" It just feels like it should have been included.) :)