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Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Audacity of Van-Jonesian Progressives

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The government can just take more money from rich companies
[Reading this related source in its entirety is recommended.]
“LAS VEGAS, NV — While the federal government sinks deeper into debt than any time since World War II, former White House “green jobs” adviser Anthony Van Jones said it was time to stop worrying about budget deficits and pressure Washington to take more money from American businesses to fund larger social and infrastructure projects. "This is a rich country. We have plenty of money, and if you don’t believe me, ask Haliburton", Jones told a group of progressive bloggers and activists at the Netroots Nation convention Friday. "There’s plenty of money out there; don’t fall into the trap of this whole deficit argument. The only question is how to spend it", he added. American corporations currently face the second-highest corporate tax rate in the world, according to the Tax Foundation.” [emphasis added]
— By Chris Moody - The Daily Caller, 07/24/2010
Entitlementalia is the audacity of dopes.”
— TheBigHenry's Truth Axiom

The hubris of a Van Jones is astonishing. He glides with the greatest of ease from a colossal theft, namely "the government can just take more money from rich companies [e.g., Haliburton, an international corporation]"; to "we have plenty of money", wherein the colossal theft is deemed a fait accompli; to "there's plenty of money out there" as if the money has, in fact, already been transferred to "us"; to "the only question is how to spend it", wherein the progressive proletariat is at liberty to spend this stolen wealth as it sees fit. Simply astonishing.

If this sort of arrogant whimsy continues to flourish unabated and unchallenged within the vast confluence of left-leaning progressives in government, labor, media, academia, intelligentsia, entitlementalia, the perpetually perplexed public, and naive youth, then this once-great capitalist [no slight intended!] society of ours is doomed, despite the great wealth that had been generated by private enterprise in our once-free markets that enabled the greatest advances in standards of living in all of human history.

That's my story. I'm sticking to it. You heard it here first. Peace out, bro.

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