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Monday, June 28, 2010

The more it "dope-y change-y", the more it's the same thing

"Fly in the Ointment"   h/t Theo
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“Hey, never mind: have quietly disappeared their celebrated "General Betray Us" ad from their website. Cindy Sheehan, the supposed conscience of the nation when she was railing against Bush from the front pages, is an irrelevant kook unworthy of coverage when she protests Obama. Why, a cynic might almost think the “anti-war” movement was really an anti-Bush movement, and that they really don’t care about dead foreigners after all. Plus ça "change you can believe in", plus c’est la même chose. Except in one respect. There is a big hole where our strategy should be. It’s hard to fight a war without war aims, and in the end they can come only from the top. It took the oil spill to alert Americans to the unengaged president. From Moscow to Tehran to the caves of Waziristan, our enemies got the message a lot earlier — and long ago figured out the rules of unengagement.” — ©2010 Mark Steyn
Yeah, well, I had iPOTUS pegged practically from the get-go. What is it about the multitudes of saps who are so easily persuaded by hucksterism on steroids?

This Chicago-style "American Idol" is nothing more than an empty suit. He knows it; I know it; millions of sane Americans know it. What is it about the leftists that draws them to iPOTUS like flies to flypaper?

Post #1,333 The more it "dope-y change-y", the more it's the same thing

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