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Monday, June 28, 2010

Petulance You Can Believe In

iPOTUS              h/t HuffPo
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“Naturally, the followup to the `I was just standing in the kitchen and the cup fell’ argument is the petulant `If you’re gonna be grumpy about it, I’m not going to go to the store and buy milk!’ threat […] It’s obvious Beaux Zeaux is expecting to lose his Progressive supermajorities in Congress. As is most everybody else, short of some major gaffe by the Republicans or astonishing turnaround in the economy. So he’s starting early on the new era of bipartisanship and sweet reason that he promised during his campaign.”
— Secular Apostate, June 28th, 2010

My friend the Apostate has the goods on iPOTUS, whom he refers to, hurtfully, as President Beaux Zeaux [French pronunciation: "Bozo"]. The Apostate's analysis of the post-mortem dish of petulance, AKA "a news conference", is spot-on.

Just tryin' to spread some free lunch ...            h/t Theo

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