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Wednesday, January 9, 2013


California normal: all f*cked up!

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“Karl Marx wrote, 'History repeats ... first as tragedy, then as farce'. Nothing better describes how California, with its unmatched natural and human riches, has begun to morph into what the premier California historian Kevin Starr has called 'a failed state' – a term more usually applied to African kleptocracies than a place as blessed as the Golden State.

The tragedy begins with the collapse of a governance system once widely hailed as a leader in efficiency and foresight but which now perpetually teeters at the brink of insolvency and suffers among the worst credit ratings of all the states. Only 20 years ago, the state's fiscal debt per capita was just below the national average; now it ranks consistently toward the bottom. No surprise, then, that California routinely ranked as the "worst governed" state in America.

This poor performance has consequences, particularly in terms of business. Today, CEOs rank California as just about the worst place to do business in the country, and have for a remarkable eight years in a row. And it's not just the plutocrats who are angry; a survey by the economic forecasting firm EMSI shows that, in 2011, California also ranked 50th, just ahead of Michigan, in new business startups.”
— By Joel Kotkin, Jan. 6, 2013 (

How does one convey the intensity of California's batshit craziness? For starters, it's tragic and farcical. It is self-destructive, perverse, ridiculous, and, yes, creepy. In a word, Pelosi Land is "progressive", in the leftist sense. Marx would have been proud of what he had wrought. The Left's mind-numbing insistence on their infallibility in all matters, despite all evidence to the contrary, and despite common sense, is staggering bullheadedness.

I am reminded of a famous anecdote of World War Two. In the wake of Germany's defeat, the Allied Commander, General of the Army Dwight Eisenhower, befriended the Commander of the Red Armies, Marshal Georgy Zhukov. As they discussed various military strategies, Eisenhower asked Zhukov how he dealt with any known minefield. Zhukov's blunt response was, "I march a division through it." That kind of merciless disregard for human casualty is also characteristic of leftist-progressive single-mindedness.
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