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Monday, June 28, 2010

Speak apologetically and carry a small wick

Sorry!           h/t Theo
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“Anwar Ibrahim, the leader of Malaysia's political opposition, has become known over the past decade as one of the foremost advocates of liberal democracy in Muslim countries. […] Lately, Anwar has been getting attention for something else: strident rhetoric about Israel and alleged "Zionist influence" in Malaysia. […] Therein lies a story of the Obama era -- about a beleaguered democrat fighting for political and personal survival with little help from Washington; about the growing global climate of hostility toward Israel; and about the increasing willingness of U.S. friends in places such as Turkey and Malaysia to exploit it. […] Anwar is like Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whom he regards as a friend and fellow traveler. Both know better than to indulge in such stuff. Both have recently begun to do it anyway -- after a year in which the Obama administration has frequently displayed irritation with Israel.”
— By Jackson Diehl, June 28, 2010 (WaPo)
Poor little Obama. All that bowing and scraping and what does it get him? Not respect.

Our Nation's enemies, as well as some of his hand-picked generals, are laughing at him. Our Nation's friends are exasperated by him. His lefty base is unhappy with him. His political opponents can't stand him. Other than that, he's very popular.

What would it take to get him to wake up and fly right? And he says he wants to know whose ass to kick?

They have mirrors in the White House don't they?

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