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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'd rather stick needles in my eyes

It's Cherry Picking Time in D.C.                    h/t Theo
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“WASHINGTON (AP) — Fresh off a confrontation with Goldman Sachs executives, Democrats are mounting another effort to police the freewheeling Wall Street ways that they say helped bring on the worst recession since the Great Depression. […] On NBC’s Today’ show Wednesday, Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich., said, ‘It is totally inconsistent to be arguing that there ought to be financial reform, and after all these months of reviews, studies, hearings, not allow a bill to come to the floor’.” [emphasis added]
— By JIM KUHNHENN, 04/27/10
I think most people would prefer "totally inconsistent" to "totally incontinent". After basking in his shitty remarks, and knowingly portraying the totally ordinary investment procedure of balancing long with short positions, the potty-mouth Levin denounces a totally ordinary desire to block a less than adequate bill from advancing to yet another Rahm-a-Llama Ding Dong vote on the Senate floor as "totally inconsistent".

Of course, as anyone who has the stomach for such political posturing knows, this is totally politics-as-usual on Capital Hill, totally consistent with all that hopey-dopey BS emanating from the totally opaque Rahm-a-Llama Ding Dong Circus White House.

Frankly, I can not comprehend how all these political hacks in Washington, despite all their money, power, and golden perks, can stand the stench they muck around in for years on end. In the words of that visionary Garrett Breedlove: "I'd rather stick needles in my eyes". [Yes, I do, in fact, know what that feels like.]

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