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Thursday, September 24, 2009

But I Mean It in a Nice Way

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“I think the key to stopping the Obama remaking of the U.S. is calm and reasoned analysis, since the American people are beginning to turn on his agenda. After 9 months they realize that there is no "there" there, just formulaic platitudes and the now-tired rhetorical flourishes. Otherwise, the agenda is simply Jimmy-Carter sanctimoniousness abroad, and Clinton’s first two failed years, between 1993-4, at home. But the antidote is to politely, but steadily point this out — the constant distortions, hypocrisies, and contradictions — without resorting to slurs and smears. If conservatives can stay cheery, optimistic and reasoned, the Obamians, as all fallen prophets, will become angrier, more self-righteous, and incoherent. There is no need for conspiracy theories, to banish the moderate conservatives, or to cannibalize one another; instead the Obama record is out there for all to see and examine. After all, we have a president who boasts that we are back on the UN human rights council, and then brags of our new multilateral equity – and then is followed by the likes of Gaddafi and Ahmadinejad who show us what the new unexceptional America’s peers-to-be are really like.” [emphasis added]
— ‘Victor Davis Hanson, September 23rd, 2009’
I think Professor Hanson is right. I have been too emotional in my criticisms and condemnations of all the leftist attempts to hijack our country. No more will you see here such outbursts as, "They're all f*cking idiots!"

From now on it's, "They're all f*cking idiots, but I mean it in a nice way."

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