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Thursday, September 20, 2012

The perverse persistence of the self-loathing Left

Valerie Jarrett, senior advisor to President B...
Valerie Jarrett, senior advisor to President Barack Obama. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These miserable bastards are relentlessly insisting on our Nation's destruction, because, you know — misery loves company.

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“Barack Obama’s foreign policy, indeed his basic value system, is motivated by a rehash of 1960s-1970s era anti-colonialism with the USA as perpetual bogeyman. That anti-colonialism is the true dream of Obama’s father and also the ideology he had drilled into him from all sides nearly until adulthood. […] How else to explain the extraordinary-seeming naïveté with which our evidently-agnostic president has treated the Islamic world from the outset, acting as if completely oblivious, or more likely willfully oblivious, to the headlong plunge back into the Dark Ages being taken by countries as disparate as Egypt and Turkey. Iran had already taken the plunge back in 1979, but our president wanted to negotiate with them, still does apparently. And he surrounds himself with shills for this reactionary worldview, pushing forward, or allowing Valerie Jarrett to push forward, the hapless Susan Rice to flog the nonsensical propaganda that the recent disturbances were all about an abysmal video nobody saw, thus discrediting the UN ambassador as either a moron or a liar. If not for the mainstream media, Obama himself would be a laughing stock at this point. Even the great myth of multiculturalism would not be able save him. […] I think the reason for this is a convenient and largely deliberate ignorance. Liberals know if they scratch the surface of Islam all the misogyny and homophobia will come pouring out, not to mention the tenets of Sharia with its attendant superiority of religious law to state law and the consequent abolition of the separation of church and state — all values and goals supposedly anathema to the liberal mind. Trying to reconcile those things with the policies of their hero-president would make their heads explode, so better not to know about them. Or pretend that Third World poverty (caused by some version of American imperialism, of course) trumps medieval religious fascism, a proposition that is becoming increasingly laughable, if it ever made the slightest sense.”
— Roger L. Simon, September 19, 2012 (

This great and good Nation won its independence in our Revolutionary War by defeating Great Britain in the 18th Century; preserved its Union in our bloody Civil War of the 19th Century; and defeated (along with our Allies) Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan in the Second World War, and, subsequently, defeated the Soviet Union in the Cold War, both in the 20th Century. This Nation also fought a number of lesser wars against lesser threats to our survival.

All these wars were fought over the course of our two and a third centuries of independence, at a total cost of almost three million casualties (roughly half of them killed). Are we now going to allow the mindless menace of the Left to destroy what millions of Americans fought and died for? Simply because a fraud like Obama, and that malignant c*nt Valerie Jarrett, are hell-bent on doing so?

WTF, people?! Can we not get a grip on reality in such dire circumstances as these?
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