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Friday, September 21, 2012

Liberals Hate Fox News

Obama on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Obama on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Remind me again what's so liberal about a monolithic media?

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“(NEWSER) – Jon Stewart did what he does best on last night's Daily Show: Made fun of Fox News, or as he calls it, "Romney Campaign Headquarters." In a segment hilariously titled "Chaos on Bullshit Mountain," Stewart ran through the network's oft-contradictory attempts to spin […] ”
— By Kevin Spak, Newser Staff, Posted Sep 20, 2012 (

The opinionated schmuck, Jon Stewart, is an ignorant clown and the darling of other self-loathing Jews because, you know — he knows every bias that other schmucks love to have validated for them. The Liberal sheeple need constant reassurance that their feeble-minded bigotry is righteous.

It makes a Liberal very uncomfortable to hear anyone suggest that their monolithic worldview is not the unanimous choice of people who are not convinced that the party-line, passed down for generations, is the Word of Moses himself. Liberals want their party-line straight from the Fraud-in-Chief, who is the embodiment of every major-religion's foremost prophet, if not the Messiah himself. And they want their holy instruction to be pure, free from any possible contradiction they might stumble across, thank you very much.

If this hysterical herding sounds familiar, perhaps you have familiarized yourself with the regimes of other god-like individuals: Lenin; Stalin; Hitler; Mao; Pol Pot, et al., come to mind. They all insisted on a monolithic media/press. It's de rigueur, dontcha know? Don't want to be confusin' the sheeple.
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