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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Leftists Are Extraterrestrials!

Who knew?

Chirality with hands and two enantiomers of a ...
Chirality with hands and two enantiomers of a generic amino acid. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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“Researchers analyzing meteorite fragments that fell on a frozen lake in Canada have developed an explanation for the origin of life's handedness[…]. The work also gave the strongest evidence to date that liquid water inside an asteroid leads to a strong preference of left-handed over right-handed forms of some common protein amino acids in meteorites.” [emphasis added]
— Bill Steigerwald, July 25, 2012 (

At last we have scientific evidence that explains Leftist insanity: they are not of this world! The bafflement induced by the so-called "Leftist worldview" is finally comprehensible to ordinary people, with reasonable points of view about how things work in the real world.

All the while we imagined the Left sustaining themselves on their daily plateful of crazy, it turns out their gauche mentality is in their genes! They are simply incapable of overcoming their useful-idiot propensity. It all makes sense now.

Nevertheless, those of us who have been spared such a devastating incapacity for logic and reasoning are now faced with a potentially more difficult task — how to combat the Leftist abnormality.

Obviously, the first and, arguably, the most crucial step is to force the Leftist-in-Chief to vacate the White House by next January.

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