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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It Only Hurts When I Laugh

"I am turning over in my grave, even as we speak."   h/t Theo
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“It doesn't matter politically that the stimulus is not actually stimulating and that the unemployment rate remains up near double-digit levels, despite all the spending and all the rhetoric about jobs. And of course nothing negative will ever matter to those who are part of the Obama cult, including many in the media. […] Economists have long known that it is not just the amount of money, but also the speed with which it circulates, that affects the price level. Last year the Wall Street Journal reported that the velocity of circulation of money in the American economy has plummeted to its lowest level in half a century. Money that people don't spend does not cause inflation. It also does not stimulate the economy. […] Businesses have been increasingly meeting their need for labor by hiring temporary workers and working their existing employees overtime, instead of hiring new people. Why? Because temporary workers usually don't get health insurance or other benefits, and working existing employees overtime doesn't add to the cost of their benefits. There is no free lunch -- and the biggest price of all is paid by people who are unemployed because politicians cannot leave the economy alone to recover.”
— Thomas Sowell, 7-13-2010 (Townhall)
You have heard it before, especially in these pages. But when Thomas Sowell speaks, people who have something other than shit-for-brains listen: There is no free lunch.

Nevertheless, The Obama, whose brain-matter has not been chemically analyzed but is reputed to emit a familiarly offensive odor, robotically persists in foisting failed policy on us all, leaving destruction in His enormous wake. He is like a fecking wrecking ball. And His fecking wrecking crew continue showering Him with their tingling adulation while they piss all over themselves, and, unfortunately, all over the fortunes of the United States of America.

The only reasonable thing to do is to hunker down and wait out, as best as possible, this malevolent mass destruction of our way of life, by one big-assed mistake, America.

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