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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Money Matters

(h/t Theo)  A $trillion here, a $trillion there;
pretty soon you're talkin' real money!
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“Zogby asked 4,835 respondents simple economic questions and then asked them to identify their political leanings, ranging from progressive/very liberal, liberal, and moderate to conservative, very conservative, and libertarian. Not surprisingly, the libertarian/very conservative respondents scored much better overall, four times better than the progressive/very liberal group. […] Many Americans no longer know what this country stands for. Taught by liberal educators who omit facts that do not fit their narrative, Americans have become lazy thinkers. Way too many voters think that the Battle of the Alamo was a rental car dispute. It is unfair to say Obama does not care about jobs. He does: his and Joe Biden’s in 2012. His job is tenuous; if he wants federal government employment for life, he needs to appoint himself to the Supreme Court or get a GM union job. […] Democrats only understand money in that they know who has earned it so they can take it via their beloved government. It is an article of faith among liberals that they are justified in taking from others while remaining impervious to economic realities themselves. They are only about power. It is frightening that Democrats are running our country through the most trying economic times in recent history.”
— By Ron Hart, 07/13/2010 (TheDC)
One of the subjects not being taught in our public schools is elementary economics and personal finance. I have thought for a long time that this particular omission is the single most far reaching failure of our public education systems. Young people age into adulthood without a basic understanding of money matters, both on a personal level as well as in the public domain.

How in the world can these adults make rational decisions about their elected public servants if large majorities of them continue to believe in Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, and free lunch? Well, the obvious answer is that they can't. Witness the sorry-ass lot they voted into the Federal Government in the disastrous election of 2008.

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