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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yo, pass the caviar ...

Won of these is not like the others ...        h/t Theo
The Obama Himself did indeed win. He just campaigned for the wrong job. He thought his stellar résumé comprising Ivy League lounging and Chicago community-organizing would serve him well as Social-Engineer-in-Chief of the United States, and environs. "We don't need no stinking crisis leadership," He was overheard saying to Rahm "It Up Your Ass" Emanuel. His Messianic vision for Himself was modeled on the Pontificate, just on a grander scale.

All this petty crap having to do with the little people's jobs, as well as all those natural and human-caused disasters and distractions just aren't what He signed up for, you know? These nuisances have most likely been caused by Booosh and other lesser beings. This is why we have lackeys — to mop-up the messes and plug-up the holes, n'est pas?

The Dilettante-in-Chief is prepared to gen-up a broad-stroke schematic of something like wholesale overhaul of the Nation's healthcare system, and then hand off the filthy details to the Congressional hacks, while He plays the back nine before that elegant State Dinner for a few hundred of his closest buds. Somebody's got to do it; and He was born and bred for it.

Yo, pass the caviar ...

How's that hopey-dopey workin' for ya?              h/t Theo

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