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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Jury Returns with Thumbs Down

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“Once the elections were over and the time for governing began, there was now a new audience to consider -- a much more savvy audience, the leaders of other countries around the world. However impressed the media and the Obama cult might be with the President's image, rhetoric and style, leaders of other countries -- allies and enemies alike -- are interested in results. […] President Obama had barely settled into the White House before he began demonstrating his willingness to sell out this country's friends to appease our enemies. […] But if no American commitment can be depended upon beyond a current administration, then any nation that allies itself with us is jeopardizing its own national security, because dangers in the international jungle last longer than 4 years or even 8 years. We are already seeing the consequences. Even Turkey -- formally a NATO ally -- is cozying up to Iran, now that it is painfully clear that Obama is not going to do anything that has any realistic chance of stopping Iran from going nuclear. If leaders of other nations can't depend on the United States, then they need to make the best deal they can with our enemies. They understand that preserving their nation's security is a leader's top priority, even if Barack Obama doesn't.” [emphasis added]
— by Thomas Sowell, June 15, 2010 (townhall)
Where's that damn reset button?                 h/t Theo

The Obama Fan Club will no doubt continue cheering its favorite son, but the savvy jury of foreign leaders has already taken his measure — it doesn't "up". He's all talk and random walk. Furthermore, empty suit that he is, his only plan is to make his scheduled tee time.

This grand experiment in "showing the world that our Nation is willing to bet the farm to prove a point", however trivial that point may be, is fast approaching a train-wreck of unprecedented proportions for our Nation as well as for our traditional allies. And, to use a phrase favored by that favorite son, "make no mistake about it," there will be no winners in this grand fiasco.

Yes we do!                           h/t Theo

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  1. Hi Henri, do you do this for a living? It is really amazing work you are doing here. It looks like a lifestyle.

  2. Thanx for your kind words. I am retired, so it is not a "living" for me. But it is a serious avocation, and a lot of fun.