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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

News You Can Abuse

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“WASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court, with only one dissenting vote, on Tuesday struck down a federal ban on videos that show graphic violence against animals. The ruling cheered free speech advocates, but it raised concerns that more animals will be harmed.”
— By Mark Sherman, 04/20/10 (AP)
Well shut ma mouth. I'm not that cheered by this "free speech" ruling.

Justice Samuel Alito, the lone dissenter, was, ironically, the Justice who was videotaped mouthing "not true" when The Obama Himself directed rude remarks at the Supreme Court during His State of the Union address.

I suppose The Obama Himself can figure out a way to use this ruling to justify His obsession with more diversity (just for diversity's sake) on the Supreme Court. He Himself is known to favor SCOTUS candidates who have "a strong record and dedication to the rule of law" (how bizarre is that?), as well as an "understanding of how court rulings affect people in real life [as opposed to people who live alongside unicorns and pansies]", which has direct bearing on that whole diversity for diversity's sake BS.

Perhaps we need a new Justice who is first and foremost an animal-rights advocate, to balance the overwhelming anti-animal-rights leanings of the current Justices? Animals are people too, you know — in "real" life, that is.

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