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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hoffer's Wisdom: Tolerance of evil, betrayal, and absence of shame

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“Civilized countries fell over each other to court Hitler even as he turned Germany's Jews into pariahs. The same countries are now falling over each other to court the Arabs, who are determined to destroy Israel. The world feels no shame when it betrays Jews. It is as if fate has placed the Jews outside the comity of mankind.” [emphasis added]
— Eric Hoffer (February 20, 1975)
Hoffer wrote these words 35 years ago but they apply equally well today. It is as if fate chose Jews as scapegoats for the rest of the world. And just as the biblical rite of scapegoating became part of the ceremonies of the Day of Atonement during the Exodus, so the "fated" scapegoating of Jews in the modern era may be partly the province of Jews themselves.

I do not posit such a potentially controversial idea lightly. Having survived the Nazi-perpetrated Holocaust, I am mindful and quite sensitive to events on the world stage that smack of a repeat performance of that most dastardly episode in human history. And that is why I am so disturbed by the undisturbed calm with which the vast majority of American Jews continue to ignore the alarming trends being set by The Trend-Setter-in-Chief Himself.

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