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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Perpetually Perplexed Axis

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“We are seeing a strange era in which the once last bastion of capitalism, the free-market US, is trying to emulate the California model — and, in turn, the world wishes to follow what the Obama administration is trying to do in America. Note well: California depends on ‘them’ [the productive classes] producing real wealth in food, fiber, manufacturing, oil, gas, timber, construction, and high-technology. In turn, the US depends on 50 states doing the same to provide for the expansive regulatory and administrative federal class; and the world relies on the US economy to provide the growth and capital to redistribute (e.g., we can’t all be the Obamas, Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod, Rahm Emanuel, Van Jones, Timothy Geithner, etc., who have made good livings as advocates, regulators, bureaucrats, legislators, etc., without having to worry about meeting a payroll). In truth, in some ways, the world economy depends every day on some engineer, farmer, architect, radiator shop owner, truck driver or plumber getting up at 5AM, going to work, toiling hard, and producing real wealth so that an array of bureaucrats, regulators, and redistributors can manage the proper allotment of much of the natural largess produced. The whole system from California to Copenhagen will keep on working as long as the productive classes feel there are still incentives to jump out bed at 5AM. When ‘they’ don’t, the power is cut off to thousands of gears and cogs — and the world looks more like Ecuador or Somalia than the U.S.” [emphasis added and [comments] inserted]
— Victor Davis Hanson, December 17th, 2009

The Perpetually-perplexed Axis Powers have become a formidable foe to the Allies of Western Civilization. And this 21st Century World War is raging on many fronts, to see what the future of humanity holds in store. Will the Axis prevail, thereby bringing about retrogression to the divine pleasures of neo-Medieval times, only this time with much depleted natural resources? Or, will sanity, free markets, traditional entrepreneurial spirit, and American "can do" mentality lead us back on the road to heaven-on-earth, through legitimate scientific research, technological advancements, true wealth-generating endeavors, and personal accountability, you know, all the good things freedom has to offer humanity, which those hippie ass-holes of the '60s who are now entering their own 60's while screaming for handouts ruined in the name of flower power, free "love", free unprotected sex, free lunch, free poetry, and free shit?

For the love of god and/or anything else you might hold dear, like, maybe, personal liberty, the pursuit of happiness, your kids' well-being, your grandkids' welfare, anything at all that millions of patriots died for in the valiant hope that future generations will prosper, don't let it all slip away because a bunch of f*cking morons like Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, Schumer, Holyshitwood, Frank, Dodd, Biden, Rahm "It Up Your Ass" Emanuel, and most of all, Mr. and Mrs. Obama want to change things because, well, just because ... who the f*ck knows.

Do you really want a world according-to-those-perpetually-perplexed f*cking morons?

Well, do ya punk?

Call it!

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