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Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Obamanologist Saves or Creates (Snow) Jobs

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“Snowplows cleared the runway at Andrews Air Force Base in suburban Washington as President Barack Obama returned from climate talks in Copenhagen. The White House said Obama rode in a motorcade back to the White House, instead of taking his helicopter, because of the conditions. Washington Mayor Adrian Fenty had declared a snow emergency for the city and forecasters warned the conditions could worsen.”
— December 19, 2009 (Associated Press)
There is no denying President Obama's persuasive powers. No sooner did he return from Hopendopenhagen, armed with iron-clad promises ('cross my heart and hopey-dopey to die') from recalcitrant 3rd rate world nations, did global warming come to a screeching halt, as millions of cars careened about the highways and byways of mid-Atlantic US states.

Do not f*ck with The Obamanologist!

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