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Monday, December 21, 2009

A night that will live in infamy: "It's Teddy"

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It was the middle of the night in Washington, but all 100 senators were gathered in the Capitol for a key procedural vote on health care reform legislation. Democrats needed every single one of the 58 Democrats in the Senate, plus the two independents who normally vote with them, to vote for cloture, which limits debate and Republican delaying tactics, and they got it. All 40 Republicans voted against cloture.” [emphasis added]
— Cindy Saine, 21 December 2009 (Voice of America ®)
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“Well, I think I'll open the door of the Georgetown house some morning about 2:00 A.M., look up and down the street, and if there's no one there, I'll whisper, "It's Bobby".”
— JFK, to Ben Bradlee, on how he intended to announce the appointment of his brother to the position of attorney general, 1960

h/t JFK Presidential Library
There is infamy (Japanese attack Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941), and there's infamy (Democrats ambush the American way of life, December 21, 2009). There is cronyism (JFK appoints his brother Bobby as Attorney General), and there's cronyism (Democrats, on a strictly partisan vote, present their Democrat President with an abomination of a healthcare bill that Teddy Kennedy championed his entire so-called "career" in the US Senate). The parallels are striking, as were/will be the repercussions.

Never in the course of human events have so many owed so much to so few. With the barest minimum of votes for cloture, 58 Democrats and their like-minded 2 Independents rammed down 300 million Americans' throats a gigantic piece of absolute dreck simply to grant their Democrat President a self-glorifying and completely undeserved claim of victory for His "signature" piece-of-shit legislation, which was, in reality, the self-glorification sought by the now-deceased scion of liberal-socialist agenda in America. The eventual costs will be staggering ($trillions) for as long as we and our decedents shall live.

Congratulations, all you f*cking morons who celebrate this night of infamy.

h/t Theo

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