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Monday, December 7, 2009

Macho Mocha

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“But Christmas is a religious holiday that has no place at a United Nations function, according to the Foreign Ministry’s Svend Olling, who is the head of practical planning for the climate summit. ‘We have to remember that this is a UN conference and, as the centre then becomes UN territory, there can be no Christmas trees in the decor, because the UN wishes to maintain neutrality,’ said Olling.”
— ‘The Copenhagen Post, 04 December 2009’
Monday morning. I jump out of bed and race downstairs for a bracing cup of coffee; black, no sugar — macho mocha. I return to my war room (i.e., my computer nooky). Tension mounts as I boot my trusty desktop, waiting for the latest atrocity-broadside from our nasty village — Earth.

What is The Obamitude up to now? Has the Pelosi-Reed cabal finally imploded under the sheer weight of our $quadrillion debt? Have Frank and Dodd finally been indicted for crimes against ordinary insanity? Is Biden still droning on and on? And what about Dubya? Is he still messing with gas prices and the winter solstice?

None of the above. Instead, the Danes are banning Christmas trees, presumably in deference to the Muslim-majority UN. Oh, the humanity!

I search for more meaty subject matter. I stumble across: "Onion Found to Have Multi-layered Skins"; "Tiger Turds Found in Woods"; "Pope Admits He's Catholic"; "Sean Penn Proposes to I'madinnerjacket"; "Carter Claims to Have Saved or Created a Quintillion Lives"; "Letterman Admits Affair with Oprah"; "Olbermann Rear-ends Doberman"; etc.

I get back into bed. Tuesday is another day.

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