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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jobs (and Lives) Saved or Created

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Reset button/‘they did it’ diplomacy
“But what is different from past Presidents is the serial, incessant whine of ‘poor me’, ‘Bush did it’, ‘we have to hit the reset the button’ with the Russians, the Arabs, the Iranians, the Europeans, etc. I thought all this would have the usual shelf-life of 6 months. But here it is nearly a year and we are getting more, not less of it. We are back to the lamentations of Jimmy Carter, who, 30 years after his disastrous leadership in 1979-80 on the Iranian hostage crisis, is still talking about how others would have done worse, and how he had saved thousands of lives.” [emphasis added]
— ‘Victor Davis Hanson, December 4th, 2009’

As usual, Prof. Hanson cuts to the chase, and brings to bear his wealth of historical knowledge to expose hypocrisy and slight-of-hand where it festers in the compost-heap of leftist policy. Consider this latest in a rash of analogies between the whiny Carter Administration and the new (and improved?) Obama version.

As Hanson points out, one of Carter's more egregious instances of disingenuousness is how he had saved thousands of lives. The Obama, of course, has already softened up the playing field with his ingenious concept of "saved or created"! Clearly, Carter, who fancies himself a mere mortal among men of action, can not have aspired, much as he might have wished, to the ranks of the immortals.

The Obama, however, as has been ordained by the likes of Chris "Tingly" Matthews, has no such encumbrances of humility. When He writes the next in His never-ending glorifications of Himself, The Obama will surely claim to have saved, or created, not thousands, not millions, but billions of lives.

Check that; make it trillions.

Note the use of the royal "We".

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