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Monday, November 16, 2009

Nobody asked me, but ...

I don't want our boys and girls getting killed in godforsaken Afghanistan, or in Ft. Hood, Texas, or in any other place. But if our National security requires sending our armed forces into harm's way, I want our National security goals accomplished in the most efficient manner possible. How would I measure "efficiency" in this context? By goals-met per casualties-incurred.

There are only two sensible ways to address the f*cking Afghanistan situation: (1) Destroy the motherf*ckers who threaten our National security, as efficiently as possible; or (2) get our troops out of the killing fields, if their only goal is to be "getting back home in one piece".

If the choice of our Commander-in-Chief is to destroy the motherf*ckers, the most efficient way to do it involves a 3-step process: (1) Get the military commanders to give their best guesstimate for troop requirements; (2) double their estimate, recognizing that they are trying to please the Commander-in-Chief by suggesting a minimum requirement; (3) equip the troops with the greatest firepower known to man, let them destroy the motherf*ckers in a week, and then bring them home alive.

h/t Theo

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