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Friday, November 6, 2009

If you can't speak the truth, then "speak truth to power"!

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“Senior White House adviser and Obama crony Valerie Jarrett gave an interview to CNN in which she rapidly backtracked on the required administration line that Fox News is biased. When Campbell Brown asked whether she also thought that MSNBC (which is every bit as liberal as Fox is conservative) was biased she just crumbled. Within the space of a minute, Jarrett said of Fox that ‘of course they’re biased’, then that ‘I don’t want to just generalise all Fox is biased’ (sorry, but you just did – eight seconds ago) before finally settling on the preposterous ‘we’re actually calling everybody out’. That’s, er, calling out ‘everybody’ whose name is made up of two words, second word news, first word beginning with F and ending in X. In the middle of all this patent nonsense, Jarrett blurted out the truly bizarre notion that ‘what the administration has said very clearly is that we’re going to speak truth to power’[!]

Poor plucky little Barack Obama, United States Commander-in-Chief and leader of the Free World taking on Goliath. They may still act as if the election campaign is still on but it might be a good idea for Jarrett and Co to reflect that they are power.” [emphasis added]
— ‘Toby Harnden, Daily Telegraph's US Editor, based in Washington DC.’
A mangled and bleeding metaphor was brought to the ER in critical condition following a botched attack by a senior White House advisor. After what seems to have been an attempt to gut the innocent conceptual device of meaning, in order, apparently, that it might be put to use on the ground as a vacuous slogan alongside a growing army of such slogans, the victim was abandoned by the perpetrator on the CNN interview-room floor. It is now on life support in the ICU of an unnamed hospital in the vicinity of CNN headquarters. Its chances of recovery are thought to be slim.

Post #989 If you can't speak the truth, then "speak truth to power"!

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