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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Diversity is the vise of strife

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“One is bound to conclude that, for [Oliver] Miles, balance in this matter relates not only to the views of members of the committee about the Iraq war, and not only to whether or not they are historians (I mean, why on earth not equal representation for pianists and jugglers?) but also to the dispropotionate number of Jews [i.e., Juice]. If not, why does he think this fact worth pointing out? That the Jewish Chronicle has no inhibitions about mentioning it is neither here nor there, since the Jewish Chronicle won't be purveying the innuendo that 40 per cent Jews is too many Jews. And that the Arabic media have no inhibitions doesn't help Miles for a different reason; because the Arab media may well have some such thought in mind. But Miles is unabashed. He's jolly well going to go right ahead and intimate that two Jews is [two] too many Jews.”
— ‘Norman Geras, November 22, 2009’
Blimey, 0.0057 Juice should be quite adequate for any undertaking in Britain (corresponds to fraction of Brits who are Juice). Similar logic would apply in PC America.

I propose we generalize this concept with a new Constitutional Amendment. This Amendment would empower the sitting President to charge his Attorney General as follows, at the conclusion of every National census. Every statistic concerning the diversity of our demographics, which is collated at the conclusion of a census, will subsequently be used to normalize the composition of every group of people receiving funding from the Federal Government, so as to comply with the National demographics resulting from the census.

In this fashion, we will guarantee political correctness throughout this great melting pot of ours. No more excessive numbers of Juice in our schools, banks, and many other arenas that are vulnerable to exploitation by those sneaky Juice. And no more undue "racial profiling" in our airports, because terrorist acts, in order to be so designated, will have to adhere to mandatory normalization of combatant demographics. Any violent act perpetrated against multitudes of innocent people will be deemed an anomalous crime, unless the perpetrators can certify their demographic composition.

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