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Sunday, October 18, 2009

§ Two Strikes You're Out: Sensible Rules for a Society Gone Mad

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§ ≡ One of an ongoing series of posts in which I promulgate, in my not-so-humble opinion, sensible rules for a society gone mad. Feel free to offer constructive dissenting opinions. But be advised: if your opinions aren't sensible, it's two strikes for you, and you're out of the gene pool.

If I only had some charisma I could rule this world-gone-mad at least as well as any community organizer. Quite possibly better. At least my legal system would be transparent, simple, and swift: if you are a stupid f*ck and do something that doesn't make any sense, your first offense earns you a reasonable penalty that fits your transgression. Your second offense earns you a one-way ticket out of the gene pool. No exceptions.
“I saw what they were bringing home; poetry and shit ...”
— From Dangerous Minds

  1. The "Tripod" Rule
  2. The "Debit-card" Rule
  3. The "Gore Your Own Ox" Rule
  4. The "You Are NOT God" Rule
  5. The "Footsteps" Rule
  6. The "Winter Savings" Rule
  7. The "Dodd" Rule

Post #968 § Two Strikes You're Out: Sensible Rules for a Society Gone Mad

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