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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Tatooed Suspect Is Positively Identified

The hell you say!

Rule #1: Get'm outta the gene pool!

Shawn Lee Canfield, 25, was positively identified by the teller.
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“FRESNO, Calif. -- A man was arrested on suspicion of robbing a bank in Merced Saturday afternoon.

Merced police say Shawn Lee Canfield, 25, walked into the Chase Bank inside the Raley's grocery store on G Street and Yosemite Avenue around 1:40 p.m. and handed the teller a card demanding cash. Authorities say the teller handed over $2,748, and the suspect took off.

Officers say they were responding to the scene and caught up with Canfield near G Street and El Portal Drive [half a mile away] as he was trying to shove money down his pants. The teller was taken to that location and positively identified him as the suspect.”
— Saturday, September 06, 2014 (

Stupid is for-evah

This is just the latest anecdote in a decades-long dissolution of our societal moral fiber. The "stupidity" of people is actually an ignorance of real-world personal accountability. The latter is likely due to the virtual absence of traditional father-figure input during the "upbringing" of our coddled children. The absence or muffling of mature-male guidance is likely to be a major contributor to the observed dumbing-down of our society.

And, in a larger sense, that mature-male guidance, which traditionally infused adolescents with some semblance of personal accountability, has (by it's absence) perverted traditional liberal values. As the Maverick Philosopher points out:
One of the ironies of the present day is that we conservatives are the 'new liberals', 'liberal' being used in the good, old-fashioned sense to mean a person who champions toleration. [...] Toleration is a value because truth is a value. A toleration worth wanting and having is therefore not to be confused with indifference towards truth, or relativism about truth. The great Leszek Kolakowski makes this point very well:
It is important to notice, however, that when tolerance is enjoined upon us nowadays, it is often in the sense of indifference: we are asked, in effect, to refrain from expressing -- or indeed holding -- any opinion, and sometimes even to condone every conceivable type of behaviour or opinion in others. This kind of tolerance is something entirely different, and demanding it is part of our hedonistic culture, in which nothing really matters to us; it is a philosophy of life without responsibility and without beliefs. It is encouraged by a variety of philosophies in fashion today, which teach us there is no such thing as truth in the traditional sense, and therefore that when we persist in our beliefs, even if we do so without aggression, we are ipso facto sinning against tolerance. This is nonsense, and harmful nonsense. Contempt for truth harms our civilization no less than fanatical insistence on [what one takes to be] the truth. In addition, an indifferent majority clears the way for fanatics, of whom there will always be plenty around. Our civilization encourages the belief that everything should be just fun and games -- as indeed it is in the infantile philosophies of the so-called 'New Age'. Their content is impossible to describe, for they mean anything one wants them to; that is what they are for. We have the right to stand by our beliefs.

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