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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Good, the Ugly and the Fugly

English: A woman smoking crack from a glass pipe.
A woman smoking crack from a glass pipe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“There's good. There's not good. This is not good.”

Duplicate bridge is, arguably, the greatest game known to man and, unfortunately, to many vile women as well. It is played the world over by people from all walks of life, including billionaires, youngsters, invalids, the deaf, the legally blind, and some who are certifiably insane. The only requirements for a modicum of success is a functioning brain and a thirst for psychological mayhem. It is, in a word — exhilarating.

And yet, there is also a downside. If you want to observe humanity in action, warts and all, step inside your local bridge club during a typical afternoon game. The self-absorbed ugliness is palpable. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned? Fuhgeddaboudit. Try giving a menopausal bitch a bad score on a deal. It's fugly, bro.

So why continue to engage, you might wonder. Well, for one thing, competitive bridge is more addictive than crack cocaine (or so I imagine it to be). Once you are hooked on the game, you have to get your weekly (often daily) fix, and people have been known to drive 160 miles round-trip just to play for several hours.

Yes indeed, masochism is alive and well …
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