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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Arrogance of Ignorance

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.”

Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart
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There's stupidity. There's willful stupidity. You can't fix either.

We are all born ignorant. Then the race between open-mindedness and arrogance begins. If the former wins, there is hope for the salvation of your ability to reason. The alternative is perpetual willful stupidity.

Arrogance is the catalyst for willfulness, which, in turn, is the superglue that closes the mind permanently and makes it impervious to all contradiction of preconceived notions.

Just to cite a familiar example, consider, if you will, the comedian turned willful idiot Jon Stewart. Although he undoubtedly has a stable of writers, it is clear that he was not born stupid, for he is clearly an attractive personality with a very large following of admirers.

But at some point in his personal development, his arrogance outstripped his ability to consider the possibility that he is full of shit. At that point he became permanently ensconced in willful stupidity, better known as a flaming liberal.

His comedy act has assumed an aura of infallibility on all matters large and small. He has even opined, in recent memory, that President Truman was wrong not to demonstrate (in some non-damaging scenario) the power of the atomic bomb, such that Japan would have surrendered without further ado and without further loss of life.

Of course, such a notion has been definitively debunked numerous times since 1945. But Stewart's willful stupidity shields him from even a hint that he doesn't know what he is talking about.

Although Stewart has created a significantly large block of willful stupidity, a much more damaging figurehead is Barack Obama. His rise to the pinnacle of world power will prove to be, I am sad to conclude, the downfall of us all.
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