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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

No more Mr. Nice Guy

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama
Barack Obama and Michelle Obama (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nice guys finish last.
It sucks to be you.

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“In this age of Obama and a corrupting equality of result, we must continue to speak out, with dash and style, with the knowledge that most of our peers prefer sameness and mandated equality to freedom and liberty, if the latter result in inequality. But at least we are not alone, the best of the ancient world nods with us. And that is the point, is it not — to keep the ancient faith and so welcome rather than fear the popular anger of the age?” [emphasis added]
— Victor Davis Hanson, December 17th, 2012 (

People ask me, "TheBigHenry, why can't you accept the people's voice, that Obama has been reelected and, therefore, that we should accept the course he has chosen for our Nation? Why must you continue grumbling from the bleachers? Why can't you be nice?"

The short answer is that I prefer freedom and liberty to sameness and mandated equality. And the very short answer is that, "You is what you is, motherf*cker!" But, since this is my blog, and I believe that Obama has not yet managed to abrogate our First Amendment to the Constitution, I will elaborate.

To begin with, "Why can't you be nice?" is a loaded question. What is or isn't nice depends on what your meaning of "nice" is. If, as is frequently the case, your meaning of nice is something akin to obedient, non-confrontational, or, dare I say it, submissive, then my reply is, "F*ck that shite; that's un-American!"

I accept that Obama is my President. I am a law abiding American (I pay my taxes, wear my seat belt, and don't engage in murderous rampage). But I refuse to worship the ground Obama hovers over, because he is, in my considered opinion, the scum de la scum.

Despite the misguided, albeit tyrannical, voice of the majority, Obama is not a nice guy. Obama is your basic Chicago politician, which is to say, a first class thug. Obama is not a genius; that is a patently false myth perpetrated by his malignant advisers. Obama and his obnoxious wife are abusers of the public trust. They are socially uncouth, incredibly narcissistic, and a disgrace to the dignity of our traditional (and, I may add, earned at great cost) American ethos. Obama is also an ignoramus. And worst of all, he doesn't suspect that he is ignorant, because he has surrounded himself with nothing but yes-people.

And these are his best qualities. In four-years' time, we will all know this to be true, to our collective misfortune.
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