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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hell for a White Male

“Hell, for a white male, is such a place where you are supposed to have natural solidarity with a buffoon like Michael Moore.”
 — Victor Davis Hanson (implied)

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Windbag Michael Moore puts a pizza where his mouth is
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When 40%, not 97%, Is Illiberal: One of the legacies of the Obama presidency is that “white male” as a term of embarrassment has now transcended the hothouse of the campus and gone mainstream. We are lectured by media figures, celebrities, and politicians ad nauseam that the November election is really about a new America of diverse minority groups, gays, feminists, and green pitted against a dying and shrinking number of old white guys. Sometimes that narrative requires absurd assumptions. If blacks vote this election in ratios of 97% for Obama, it is not really proof of racial solidarity, but because Romney somehow is a racist. In this regard, consult the wisdom of Louise Lucas, a Virginia state senator, who is part of something called the Obama “Truth Team”: “What I am saying to you is Mitt Romney, he’s speaking to a segment of the population, who does not like to see people other than a white man in a White House or any other elected position.” Note that Lucas adduces no evidence to back up her slander. […] Where Does the Nightmare End?: At best, race will become irrelevant as it has in the case of a Susana Martinez or Marco Rubio. Both can win a state-wide race in a way that members of the Latino or Black caucuses could not, because race is as incidental to their personas as it is essential to race-based congressional cliques. If Rubio were to commit a crime, he would be held to account, in a way that a Charles Rangel or Maxine Waters never will, since everything in the latters’ case become racial, a sort of calculated insurance against accountability. At worst, the proverbial white male will begin to see society as does a reactionary, bigoted Richard Fowler or Louise Lucas or Melissa Harris-Perry — all of us as little more than mooing cattle, herding in groups in the pasture on the basis of the particular spots on our hides and the size of our horns, or perhaps the United States as the common prison yard, where we divide up as tribal hoodlums by the color of our skins and nothing much else. Is Hell for a white male such a place where you are supposed to have natural solidarity with a buffoon like Michael Moore?” [emphasis added]
— Victor Davis Hanson, September 11, 2012 (

Searching for a fresh metaphor for "hell"? Are you a white male of a certain decrepitude? Well, search no more: "Hell, for a white male, is such a place where you are supposed to have natural solidarity with a buffoon like Michael Moore". Yet another classic from Victor Davis Hanson.

Of course, the thrust of Prof. Hanson's post concerns the odious moral-bankruptcy of the Obama election campaign. But I have traipsed through that minefield of hypocrisy so many times, I feel like an infantryman in Marshal Georgy Zhukov's armies, the allusion being to a famous quote of Zhukov's to General Dwight Eisenhower:
“If we come to a minefield, our infantry attacks exactly as [if the minefield] were not there.” — To General Eisenhower, 1945. Quoted in "Russia: The People and the Power" - Page 207 - by Robert G. Kaiser - History - 1984
I am so sick of this election campaign. All the nastiness, mostly from the Left, is revolting. I can't wait for this nightmare to be over, come what may.

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