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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Survey: 83% of Doctors Thinking About Quitting

Any questions?

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“Survey shows deep discontent after health care law.”
— Jul 10, 2012 (

Surprised? I'm not. It is an intuitively obvious consequence of Obamacare, the 2,000+ pages of obnoxious legalese that no rational individual could possibly comprehend in its entirety. And it would have to be comprehended in its entirety, because piecemeal comprehension couldn't possibly take into account any internal contradictions.

Do you think there are no internal contradictions buried in 2,000+ pages of legalese, written by a committee of (il)legal monkeys working for Pelosi? Have you been off your meds lately because you can no longer afford them?

Here are a couple of other questions to consider: What percentage of these discontented doctors voted for Obama? Of the malcontents who happen to live in Pelosi's district, what percentage voted for that lunatic? Do you have any sympathy for these malcontents who can not intuit what is in their own best interest? Recall all those doctors who were campaigning in support of Obamacare? Do they have any feelings of remorse? Self pity? Self respect?

One final question: Will the obnoxious Left manage to find a way to blame George Bush for this steaming pile of bloody horseshit?

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