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Monday, July 9, 2012

The dog ate our reason …

… and Obama ate our country.

“I think of a man, and I take away reason and accountability.”
— Melvin Udall in As Good as It Gets

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No One Left to Teleprompter to?
“Again, examine any current topic — green jobs, the Chevy Volt, cash for clunkers, the stimulus, tax hikes, ObamaCare, unemployment, amnesty, the debt, the deficits, race relations — and more or less incoherence follows. Either things have gotten worse or what Obama says is either untrue or not consistent with what he earlier had asserted. The result is that when he starts one of those long teleprompted orations, with the dropped g’s and the faux-African-American preaching patois, we still are impressed how the cadences can package the rather empty content and serial half-truths. None of the above means that Barack Obama is necessarily going to lose the election, and here is why, given the following paradoxes. There are roughly now two groups of tune-outs: the first are the 50% who are either partisan opponents or who have had it with a president who does not speak the truth and blames his own failures on others. The second are the 50% who likewise don’t pay much attention to Obama’s rhetoric anymore, but they assume that mortgage bailouts; loan forgiveness; massive public hiring; more food stamps, unemployment insurance, and disability payments; freedom from income tax; racial and class resentments; and more still all offer, for the poorer, welcome material, and, for the richer, psychic and philosophical, recompense. In other words, supporters, both the poor and rich, don’t worry all that much what Obama says, but focus instead only on the fact that he either wishes them to have more government stuff or abhors the same people they’ve always abhorred.” — Victor Davis Hanson, July 8, 2012 (

It's a crap-shoot. Reason has left the station and we are there at opposite ends of the platform, clinging to whatever it is we think we can still count on: the Left to its hopey-dopey, its government cheese, and its delusions of infallibility; the Conservatives to their guns, bibles, and visions of a Lincoln-spirit rising up from the ashes of Obamination. The clueless tweeners are milling about and wondering WTF just happened and why is everybody else yelling and screaming.

To quote a recent TV ad about some product or service that I can't recall, "That can't be good." In my biased view, though roughly half the population that even has a view might agree with me, Obama has buried us in a multi-trillion-dollar mountain of debt and a like-sized mountain of happy-horseshit. And that big November-fan is bearing down on those mountains.

In case you are also linguistically challenged, the operative words in "crap-shoot" are "crap" and "shoot". Many of us know whence the crap emanates. And when (not if) push comes to shove, I still have enough clarity of vision to recognize that those guns the Conservatives cling to are going to come in handy.

I am not, nor have I ever been, a violent man; nor have I ever owned a gun. But I do believe everyone has a horseshit-endurance limit. If the Left can not be deterred from their insatiable lust for ever more horseshit, and that proverbial push does come to shove, I will adopt a slightly-modified rallying cry from the President I have missed since 2009:
"Bring it, motherf*ckers!"

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