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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Obama's “Government-centered Society”

Mitt Romney
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Hope for Change

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“'The president,' Romney said, has 'spent the last four years laying the foundation for a new government-centered society.' […] Every major initiative of the Obama presidency has placed the government at the center of the policy the president wishes to effect and the change he wishes to see. […] [F]inally, and most directly, ObamaCare uses government power to direct every American to purchase a health-insurance policy. It creates state-level "exchanges" that will function as government-managed insurance companies. And it empowers a cost-savings board of advisers who will design centralized rules for the distribution of health-care services. […] By contrast, Romney says, 'I will spend the next four years rebuilding the foundation of an opportunity society led by free people and free enterprises.' That’s not especially felicitous, either. But it offers voters a clear and unambiguous choice, which is Romney’s major challenge.”
— John Podhoretz, April 5, 2012 (

Lyndon Johnson's "Great Society" wasn't, for the same reasons that FDR's "New Deal" and Stalin's nightmare regime failed — socio-economic policy that is based on centralized planning doesn't work. Conversely, free-market capitalism has been a spectacular success, and is the greatest boon to human well-being in history. Not only is capitalism not "broke"; it is the only system that has endured successfully.

So why do the Leftists continue to vilify capitalism, when their very existence relies on it? (Imagine Obama trying to raise a giga-buck for his campaign without contributions from capitalists.) It's because Leftists are enthralled with the concentration of power. Just consider the megalomaniacs who have always, and will continue to always grasp for centralized planning.

Do you think Obama is the black-man's bro? Do you think he is the white-man's friend? Do you think he has friends?

Think again. And, for everyone's sake, think before November.

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