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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This … Could … Go … All … the … Way!

Schematic of the von Neumann architecture. The...Image via Wikipedia


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[This related source is recommended in its entirety.]

“The von Neumann architecture for a classical computer comprises a central processing unit and a memory holding instructions and data. We demonstrate a quantum central processing unit that exchanges data with a quantum random-access memory integrated on a chip, with instructions stored on a classical computer. […] Our results, in combination especially with longer qubit coherence, illustrate a potentially viable approach to factoring numbers and implementing simple quantum error correction codes.”
— Matteo Mariantoni, et al, Submitted on 17 Sep 2011 (

I never thought I would stoop to quoting two half-assed Chris's ("BACK" Berman and "Tingles" Matthews) in a single post, but the referenced proof-of-principle study for quantum computing sends tingles "… up my leg"!

I don't know much about quantum computing (for that I would refer you to David Deutsch), but illustrating the potential for "simple quantum error correction codes" is, I believe, a very big step toward scaling-up to full-blown quantum computing. It's this type of creativity that really puts a smile on my face, despite the dismal socioeconomic shitstorm we are continually bombarded with (thanks to our hopey-dopey administration's responses to what ails us all).

Let's hear it for the best and the brightest, who ignore the growing idiocracy surrounding us, and who continue searching for ever better explanations to meet humanity's needs.

You go guys and gals!

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