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Friday, September 23, 2011

Progressive Zombies

Institutionalized fanatic ignorance — today's liberal arts education

The Prisoner of Zenda
by Anthony Hope
(from Wikipedia)
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“Here’s how the go-to guy works. Let’s say you’re a reporter on a deadline and you need a quote right this minute […] If it’s the economy you’re writing about, [your go-to guy is] Mark Zandi. He has all the qualities that go into making a go-to guy of the very first rank. He is fluent on television and keeps his sentences short. His demeanor is pleasant. He uses the word “narrative” with abandon—“narrative” being the hottest word in journalism since “transparency”; it’s this year’s “accountability.” And he’s a liberal. All go-to guys are liberals. They can’t be identified as such, lest their authority as disinterested observers be undermined and the reader or viewer begin to get ideas. Ideological fuzziness is good; ideological hermaphroditism is better. […] In economics, Zandi is capable of meeting all of a reporter’s go-to-guy needs, so the trade has been careful in obscuring his liberalism. He is a registered Democrat, as he freely admits when asked. But he’s seldom asked. The key to his indispensability is that he once—once—did some work for a Republican. […] The job of the go-to guy transcends accuracy. It is instead to confirm the circular reasoning that underlies so much of modern liberalism. A stimulus will create jobs because that’s what a stimulus does. In a budget standoff, Republicans and not Democrats are stubborn and unyielding, because stubborn and unyielding is how Republicans are. […] Ask Mark Zandi […]”
— Andrew Ferguson, September 2011 (

There you have it, boys and girls — the making of well-rounded progressive zombies, especially on America's regimented liberal campuses. The best and the brightest are groomed (creamed?) by their bigoted professors, who make no distinction between their course syllabuses and their personal political agendas.

It's a high-stakes industrial-strength indoctrination system, perfected by Joe Stalin: Say it with authority; say it with panache; say it often. The bright-eyed uninitiated darlings of their parents' hopes and dreams (and vast sums of money) will lap it up, because the professors are infallible and unbiased, don't you know? Indoctrinate them before they learn critical thinking and before they realize the benefits of keeping an open mind for dissenting views.

The unethical behavior of professors who assert their biased views and present them as facts to their captive audience of naive youth is reprehensible. I doubt, however, that most of these professors see it as anything other than their privilege to do so.

Post 1,708 Progressive Zombies

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