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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Strike while the Irany's hot!

The Chernobyl reactor #4Chernobyl reactor #4 (Image via Wikipedia)
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David P. Goldman, "What Really Bugs Iran", 10/13:

“The rancor and disaffection of Iran's diminishing educated class is so great that the government will find very few local technicians whom it can trust, and even fewer capable of diagnosing a bug buried in thousands of lines of code, most of it written years ago by programmers who long since emigrated. Anyone who has managed large-scale information technology projects for corporations knows that the fog of war is nothing compared to the cloud of computation. And that is true under the most benign circumstances.”
— Craig Newmark, October 21, 2010 (

As Craig posits, "this could well redefine "irony". It could also revise it's spelling to "irany".

Arguably, the most challenging skill in computer programing is debugging; someone else's program; having tens of thousands of lines of code; when the original programer is not around for consultation (not that he would be of much use anyway, if the program had been written some time ago, and, likely, by more than one programer). Been there; done that.

Trust me. It's a bitch.

And that reactor in Iran? I wouldn't go near it — for about 10,000 years, give or take.

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