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Friday, October 22, 2010

Pontificating While Vile

Read related » Nina Totenberg, [of] NPR [which] fired Juan Williams, wanted god to give Jesse Helms [or one of his grandchildren] AIDS (Video)
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“While I do not share the same views as Juan Williams, NPR was totally wrong for firing him. Check out the old footage of Nina Totenberg of NPR saying that Jesse Helms' grandchildren should get AIDS. Note the jerk [in the background] laughing […] Outrageous! Why didn't NPR fire her? Once again — total hypocrisy from the left.”
— xxxxxxxpimptaddyone, October 21, 2010 (

What a vile bitch! Even for an NPR pontificator, this sort of ad hominem invective is beyond ruthless, despite having been directed at someone as controversial in his own right as Jesse Helms was. And when directed at the target's presumably-innocent grandchildren, it sinks to the level of satanic.

How in the name of what little remains decent in our politically-polarized society does a Nina Totenberg remain employed by NPR, while the honestly-expressed feelings (not the opinions) of Juan Williams become grounds for termination of his contract?

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